413 FULL head error on Chrome

On our internal instance of Mamute I cannot use the website to ask questions. I always get an HTTP error when I go to /ask: 413 FULL head

Other notes:

  • I have tried clearing cache/cookies for the Mamute domain, but I still get the same error
  • We use single sign on
  • I'm on Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit)
  • Safari works fine
  • Chrome works fine for others
  • Incognito in Chrome works fine

From the error message I suspect that my browser is sending too big of a request. I verified and when Safari sends the same request, the cookie is much smaller (less than 1 KB) whereas in Chrome it's almost 2 KB. I verified also that for others that can use Mamute with Chrome their cookie is also much smaller. It seems my cookie has something related to mixpanel in Chrome that doesn't exist in Safari (or for others using Chrome) for some reason.

  • I don't have enough reputation to answer, but I solved this by clearing all cookies and cache in Chrome

    Liron Yahdav   Aug 25th 2016
  • Thanks for taking note of this problem.

    Meina Gladstone   Aug 26th 2016
  • Turns out my workaround helped only for a day. Starting today I had the same issue again :(

    Liron Yahdav   Aug 26th 2016
  • I also asked the question here: https://github.com/caelum/mamute/issues/279

    Liron Yahdav   Aug 26th 2016
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