Cannot download JARs for Maven dependencies

After importing Mamute source code in Spring Tool Suite, I'm having trouble downloading all the required JARs in pom.xml. For each dependency, what it downloaded was pom file, not the JAR file. For example, in my local repository (.m2/repository/br/com/caelum/vraptor/4.1.2), what I have is the following three files:

_maven.repositories vraptor-4.1.2.pom vraptor-4.1.2.pom.sha1

I've tried with both the embedded Maven and an external one, but it's the same result. They are both version 3. Also, my other projects in STS can download JARs without any problem so it's not because of firewall.

  • Is the same problem happening on s regular eclipse distribution?

    Francisco Sokol   Apr 20th 2015
  • Just tried with Eclipse Luna and it's the same problem.

    Gary   Apr 20th 2015
  • If you run mvn package -DskipTests everything works? Is the war generated?

    Francisco Sokol   Apr 23th 2015
  • Yes, I ran npm install and mvn clean package -DskipTests. It downloaded all the jars. Now everything works great. Thanks!

    Gary   Apr 23th 2015
  • But did it solved the eclipse issue? Could you import the project in eclipse?

    Francisco Sokol   Apr 24th 2015
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