Is there a feature comparison between Mamute and other similar platforms (e.g. OSQA)

Is there any feature comparison available between Mamute and other similar platforms, such as OSQA or question2answer?

  • Hi Guillermo! I don't know OSQA or question2anwer features, so I can't establish a feature by feature comparsion. Is there any specific feature you need for your use case?

    Francisco Sokol   Apr 20th 2015
  • Hi. No I don't have a specific feature checklist. I am looking for a q&a platform for an internal knowledge base; Osqa and question2answer are quite popular and have been around for some time; then I found Mamute and wanted to know how do they compare.

    Guillermo Rodriguez   Apr 22th 2015
  • Well, I think Osqa is more mature than Mamute (I don't know nothing about question2answer so I can't compare). Before developing Mamute, we tested Osqa and we have a lot of troubles trying to customise, mainly because we have no experience with python but the tool wasn't easy to configure either. A great advantage of Mamute is that it's java based, so if you have some environment restriction or are more familiar with it it's a good option.

    Francisco Sokol   Apr 23th 2015
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